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Aralkor was the First created by the All Bringer. She is the Sun. She is the burning passion that brings justice to those that overstep their boundaries of the light.

She is the light - she burns for us and her Sun shall never set.

Those that follow The First know that the truth must be told and justice must come to those that bring the bad into the world.

Through training and devout study, they join the following of The Sun and vow to protect and serve her and her people in whatever means they can. She shows no mercy to the wicked, so neither shall her followers. If you wish to seek the truth of the Sun, perhaps you should walk into the light.

Aralkor comes to those who wish the truth as a tall female warrior. Some might even say they cannot see her for she is far too bright for our eyes to see. She carries her shield- which in turn has the power of the Sun to light the way and protect the weak while her other hand holds a flaming sword to punish the wicket.


Aralkor is often described in literature and depicted in art as a winged woman carrying a flaming sword and large shield. She is shown as many races depending upon the artist. Some say her Light burns so bright one could never know her appearance even if she stood before you. Features tied to the sun are commonly associated with her - golden hair, freckles, or tanned skin. Those proud of their appearance may go as far to say as they are traits 'touched' by her.


A golden church-like structure with large greek columns.

The golden Temple of Aralkor.

Place of Worship

The primary place of worship is a large golden temple in Montset, truly a centerpiece of the city that leave many who stand before it in awe.


Devout followers of Aralkor would be incredibly strict on certain matters. They are far less open minded than followers of other religions, taking pride in punishing the wicked and protecting the Path of Light. They may be revered as just beings or criticized as cruel and harsh by being judge, jury, and executioner.

The Priestesses rank at the top of the religious hierarchy and play a large role in the governing of Montset.