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Archers are deadly when equipped with a bow. Able to hit the bullseye with a good bow at a range of 300', the Archer can hit a man at a much longer distance.


Hunter Stalks His Prey

Your keen eye for tracking lends you the ability to pick out flaws in your quarry's defences, reducing the effective resistances of the target to your attacks while you're tracking them.


Rangers are explorers and guides of the Realm. Because of this, they have learned how to discern the lay of the land. This Feat grants the ability to learn Cartography and the use of maps. The Ranger receives 30 skill points in Cartography and a map kit. Additional materials can be purchased from scribes.

Animal Companion

This Feat gives the Rangers/Druids the ability to gain an animal companion. Once this Feat is gained, the character must enter the Forest and send out the Call of Bonding. The animal type will be the animal that responds to the character\'s bonding call. As the Feat skill progresses, the higher types of that animal will answer the character's call. The death of a companion carries a heavy price.

Called Shot

As a master marksman with the bow, you can pinpoint vital spots on your opponent\'s body. When this Feat is activated, the Archer\'s next few arrows will do additional damage.

Enchanted Quiver

You have learned how to tap into your Mana pool to place an small enchantment on your arrows. This technique is a temporary, one-time minor enchantment on the weapon. The damage bonus will last only a small time before it expires. The strength of the enchantment will increase as the Archer becomes more skilled in its use.


With your strange ability of keen eyesight, you can wield a bow with greater accuracy.

Bow Specialization

Being of the Archer class, you have focused your training on learning how to wield the bow more effectively than any other class. Thus, you gain the ability to use the more powerful bow types. This will allow the character to advance the skill further than normally possible as most of the stronger bow types are denied to every character class type.


You learn the great art of concealment. Stealth cap raises to 80 and you gain 30 stealth skill.

Starting Skills

Skills at level 1 (Might vary slightly based on race!)
Skill Starting Cap
Bowcraft 5 40 *
Cooking 10 60 *
Dodge 20 80
Fishing 30 100
Healing 10 60
Lumberjacking 10 60 **
Mining 10 60 **
Musicianship 10 100
Resist Spells 30 100
Aim (Archery) 30 100
Block 10 60
Fencing 10 60
Swordsmanship 10 60
Tactics 30 100
Wrestling 5 40
Camping 30 100
Detect Hidden 10 100
Tracking 20 80
Anatomy 20 60 **
Arms Lore 20 80 **
Forensic Eval 30 100

* - Can be raised through .perks 'Professions'

** - Can be raised through .perks 'Skill Research'




Archers need to maximize their mobility to effectively use a bow or crossbow. As a result, Archers cannot wear armor heavier than chainmal.

Archers have a magical ineptitude. They cannot cast any spells and cannot use wands or scrolls.