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Jealousy takes form in The Second. For that is what he is- the Second creation of the All Bringer. First comes the Sun and then comes the Moon forever and always a Second.

Barlow strives for mischief. He plays in the shadows and brings people in using His whispers of power and fame. Those that follow Barlow know Him as the King of Shadows or The Moon. Others however, would refer to Him as the Troubled One as that is what most of His followers get into.


Barlow is forever hidden in the shadows. Artist depictions shroud him in darkness because what you cannot fully see is truly frightening and must be powerful. What little is shown often mimics traits of Dark Elves or otherwise shows him as a shadowy figure.


A dark church-like structure with black cloth draped from the ceiling. It is lit only by groups of candles scattered around the floor.

A shadowy Temple of Barlow.

Place of Worship

The primary place of worship is first and foremost dark, with minimal candlelight if found in the depths or nothing more than glimpses of moonlight if bold enough to be found on the surface. How else could one hope to get better in touch with the King of Shadows? Be it a temple or a shrine, you may catch glimpses of statues or art in His likeness as a way to showcase the strength and power he holds.


His followers are to be called Shadow Walkers and he shall lead them to the light. For they believe they have played for far too long in the dark. The King of Shadows shall have His time in the Sun, for it is the First that makes the Second.

Those who follow The King of Shadows are proud, strong beings who are just biding their time until they can reach the Sun. Some have fallen to the shadows but others chose to walk down to the deep by choice.


The Shadow Price