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Berserkers go literally berserk when they hit the thick of the battle. Dealing deadly blows with stunning speed to anyone near them, they are, indeed, a frightening foe.


Elemental Resistance

Due to the constant exposure to the elements, your body has developed a unique ability to resist the elements, be it magical or natural. As your skill in this ability increases, so too will the resistance percent increase. Each element has its own area of resistance: Earth, Air, Fire, and Water (Water includes Acid and Poison).

Advanced Healing

You have learned the strange ability to go into a deep meditative trance, thus allowing your body to heal itself much faster than otherwise possible. Entering and leaving this deep trance takes a lot of concentration and taxes the body. Once leaving a trance, you lose Mana in return for your health and you must give your body time to rest before entering it again.

Dragon Roar

You have learned an ancient barbarian technique that mimics the power of a Dragon\'s roar, therefore striking fear into the heart of your enemy causing them to flee in terror. (NPCs will flee in terror, PCs will lose stamina and drop their weapon if they fail the save roll).

Axe Fighter

Long time battle training and experience allow the axe fighter greater lumberjack capability and earlier and easier axe weapon abilities.

Berserker Rage

You have learned the ability to become increasingly enraged while in combat, increasing their damage as they get drunk off the high of combat.

Furious Assault

By channelling your anger you push yourself to strike beyond the normal limits of your body's speed, so long as your endurance holds...

Weapon Master

You spent considerable time learning how to effectively wield weapons from a military tutor. Because of this training you are able to wield a specified weapon style better than a normal person. You may choose from Bladed, Blunted, or Piercing weaponry to specialize in. This Feat can stack with Weapon Specialization.

Starting Skills

Skills at level 1 (Might vary slightly based on race!)
Skills Starting Cap
Cooking 10 60 *
Dodge 20 80
Fishing 30 100
Focus 10 40
Healing 10 60
Lumberjacking 10 60 **
Mining 10 60 **
Resisting Spells 30 100
Veterinary 20 80
Aim (Archery) 0 15
Block 10 60
Fencing 10 60
Macing 30 100
Swords 30 100
Tactics 30 100
Wrestling 30 100
Camping 30 100
Detect Hidden 10 100
Tracking 20 80
Anatomy 10 60 **
Arms Lore 20 80 **

* - Can be raised through .perks 'Professions'

** - Can be raised through .perks 'Skill Research'




Berserkers do not have the patience and focus to properly use a bow or crossbow. As a result, they tend to not be very skilled with them (except using them as kindling).

Berserkers have a magical ineptitude. They cannot cast any spells and are unable to use wands or scrolls.