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At first, the Void looked upon creation and saw only itself. From deep within was pulled the Sun which hung in heaven and she was named The First. The Void then gazed upon the Sun and gave life to the shadows it threw, and He was named The Second. Light and Shadow danced for eternity, each trying to gain the upper hand on the other. The Void grew tired of their dance and placed between them Time, The Third to always hold sway. Time balanced the dance of the sky and the Sun, setting the Moon in the clouds to spread the light even in Shadow and giving Shadow dominion over the dark places even in the height of the day. It was at this time that Terra now had The Three.

Finding balance in the eternal sway of Time, the Void allowed Nature to breathe life into all of the worlds of creation and life took hold. Time was given the duty of seeing life from birth to death, and Nature reveled in the beauty of creation. As a final gift, the Void breathed its last breath and took the form of Chaos. In the Void’s place, the table of heaven was left, where Chaos took her place at the head along with Light, Shadow, Time, and Nature to rule over creation until the end. It was at this time, the Five decided to call that of which created them the All Bringer.

Each of them then began to grow and create, to pit man against beast against elements and ultimately each of them against the march of time. The Five watch us even now, laying out the path of our lives while hanging on each step as we choose to follow or to blazing our own trail alone without The Five. For it is their choice.

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