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Known for their honor and merit in battle, Cavaliers are warriors born from the utmost dedication to their cause.


Tactical Assessment

The character gains the ability to assess their opponent during combat. Periodically the combat statistics of a target will be displayed to the character. The skill level of this Feat determines the type of information gained.


As skilled and formally trained fencers, the cavalier is able to take advantage of a foe's clumsy attack to turn it back against him.

Challenging Strike

A quick sharp strike to your enemy forces their attention at you, when used at range issues a Challenging Shout, bolstering your defences against the target but dealing no damage.

Armor Proficiency

This Feat allows the character to use the heavier armor types (plate armor) if the character\'s class can wear plate armor. The strength requirements still remain for that plate armor type. This also pertains to the magical equivalent of that armor type.

War Mount

When you have learned enough experience, you will gain the ability to call forth a mystical steed as your companion. This steed will carry you faithfully into battle and across the lands. Be forewarned, if your War Mount is to die in battle, the price you pay to earn a new mount will not be light.

Mounted Combat

You have learned the art of mounted combat through extensive and rigorous training. You are able to fight on horseback using weapons such as lances and other weapons designed for mounted combat. You have also learned how to use mounts, especially War Mounts, to their fullest extent, helping you attack and defend while mounted.

Battle Hardened

"A little pain reminds you you're alive. The lower your hitpoints get, the harder it gets to hurt you. You gain a damage mitigation based upon your level for each % of HP Missing.

Starting Skills

Skills at level 1 (Might vary slightly based on race!)
Skill Starting Cap
Cooking 10 60 *
Dodge 10 60
Fishing 30 100
Healing 10 60
Lumberjacking 10 60 **
Mining 10 60 **
Musicianship 10 100
Resisting Spells 30 100
Aim (Archery) 0 15
Block (Parry) 30 100
Fencing 30 100
Mace Fighting 30 100
Swordsmanship 30 100
Tactics 30 100
Wrestling 5 40
Camping 30 100
Cartography 10 60 **
Detect Hidden 10 100
Anatomy 20 80 **
Arms Lore 30 100

* - Can be raised through .perks 'Professions'

** - Can be raised through .perks 'Skill Research'




A Cavalier's training focuses on melee and mounted combat. As a result, Cavaliers cannot become proficient with bows or crossbows, and they must rely on their amor or allies to protect them from ranged enemies.

Cavaliers have magical ineptitude. They cannot cast any spells and cannot use wands or scrolls.