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Magic on Terra is a powerful force for change. Often chaotic or discordant, it’s rarely possible to predict the change terrestrial magic will have on the younger races, even more so if the magic is divine. Such is the case of the Darkling; the shadow of humanity. Though the story often takes an evangelical bend it is clear that some small sections of humanity, cults to be blunt, began worshiping dark entities whose magic pervaded their very essence. Why or how this happened is less well known, but the results are clear to see.

Each Darkling is a unique creature, even if there are common types. For this reason they as a race haven’t specialized enough to excel in anything without question. Their dark powers make them obvious choices for rogues and vagabonds but many are wary about their presence. It could be that anyone you know may secretly be a Darkling.



Darklings often show one or more traits associated with nocturnal creatures such as fangs, pointed ears or menacing claws. This will often be thematically tied to the divine source, such as some worshipers of a certain goddess showing owl-like features with large eyes and hooked claws. While monstrous, many Darklings have an almost supernatural gift of charisma or charm. Many never age, instead retaining an otherworldly grace over their long lives.


Until reaching adulthood they appear to age much like humans. They appear to not age after a certain point and as a result it is not known how long they can live to.

Illness and Wounds

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Important Writings

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