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It’s generally accepted that Dwarves were cast from the stone by early godforms to build Terra’s foundations. They have a need to turn resources into finished products and bring order where they see chaos. To them, all levels of culture and life should be strictly ordered. Much of the leadership of the Dwarven community is run by distinguished warriors and soldiers. Justice has a firm hand in the halls of the Dwarves.

Dwarves make hearty adventurers and, though stubborn, are among the most loyal beings in existence. They hold grudges as if they were carved into their hearts, and are often the first to join the battle against their ancient enemies. They hold a special hatred for the raider races, the Dark Elves and Orks, owing to countless skirmishes over the centuries.

Most Dwarves met outside of their kingdom are knight errants or miners collecting resources. Dwarven society is pragmatic and their affinity with the natural forces limits their ability to cast some magic. They do however boast legendary defenders who's fighting prowess cannot be matched toe to toe.



They are stout and hardy looking. Their shorter and wider stature makes it easier to keep warm in cold, harsh mountains of Montset.


These sturdy people said to be as old as the mountains themselves have a lifespan to rival even the Elves. If they do not fall in battle, legend tells of ones who live to even see 400 years old. Like most other races on Terra, their early years keep pace with the youthful races like human, reaching maturity at around 18.

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