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The docks of Estvale lined with tall, narrow buildings. A large stone wall rises up in the distance.

The docks of Estvale are lined with shopfronts and affluent homes.

With its stronghold securely planted in a mountain facing a harbor full of the hustle and bustle, this human melting pot has turned into the central hub for many creatures. Up in the mountains lies the government buildings where the current ruler of Estvale - Governor Maepoyl - resides.

Because the human race is so young, one might see a wide variety of cultures mixed into this city. From Dwarven castles to Elven armor, this place is undoubtedly exiting and mixed. May Veeda the Saint bless all those who wish refuge within Estvale's walls.



Estvale is the southernmost major city in Terra. It is nestled alongside a large mountain range and opens up to a harbor. The climate is moderate, but the city is known for its fair share of rain. Its coastal location keeps the winters from being too harsh, but the humidity in the summer causes much grumbling among locals.


The harbors may be a bustling center for trade, but not all call the city their home. The inn and room rentals by the tavern are popular for travelers just passing through. Although the city welcomes any and all, there is no doubt the majority population are humans.


The city is ruled by a governor who works alongside the Captain of the Guards to maintain order within the walls. A volunteer militia was formed to help cover areas outside of the wall and aid the small number of guards currently employed. Governor Maepoyl has been comfortably ruling Estvale and seeing to the protection of its people for the last 40 years. With his hair turning grey and his body aging it might be time for someone else to step up to the leadership of this town.


Estvale Militia


Saint Veeda has the strongest following in Estvale. The church inside the walls is dedicated to Saint Veeda, showcasing stained glass works in his honor. The current religious climate is relaxed and the city, in true melting pot fashion, are welcoming of those following any (or no) other deities.


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