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Playing the Game

UO Myth Launcher - Getting Started

Beginners Guide to Myth and Ultima Online

The Early Levels: A Guide



Class Podcasts

Myth Podcast S1E1 Clerics

Myth Podcast S1E2 Mages

Myth Podcast S1E3 Rangers

Myth Podcast S1E4 Merchants


Metals Guide - Smithing


Myth Tailoring Guide

Clothing available to be crafted by tailors.

Special Dye Tub Colors

Examples of the hues available through the special dye tubs.

Vanity Tickets

Learn about the extended customization item Vanity Tickets - where to get them and how to use them.


As of 09/26/2020 housing is available in the following locations:

Crossroads Inn (Wagons, and Inn Rooms)

Estvale (Housing/Shops/Inn Rooms/Farms/Bank Vaults)

Nique Taure (Housing/Shops/Inn Rooms/Farms)

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