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Humanity is a newer race on Terra, boasting a legendary affinity for learning and an infamous curious streak.  Since they were introduced to the realm they have learned and copied the best parts of each of the other older races.

Wielding Orkish military tactics while hiding behind Dwarven walls, humanity was left to flourish while safe from the outside world. They built bigger and dreamed harder, eventually unlocking the secret sciences and drawing the attention of the gods. These divine patrons chose their followers among the masses, going so far as to warp them into another distinct race, the Darkling. Each human is said to carry a spark of creation inside of them. This is how the legends explain that man can wield magic, by tapping into this inner force.

Humans can learn any skill and take up any class that does not have an initiation training they would have no access to, such as the Dwarven Defender or Dark Elf Ranger class variants.



Like many races, humans find variety in skin tone, height, weight, and hair.


Although the dangers of the world may shorten their lifespan unnaturally - being such fragile beings - humans can live up to 90 or 100 years. Most find that the labors of life and time are not as kind to comfortably see such an age.

Illness and Wounds

Humans are the most likely of any races to succumb to disease and wounds. Plagues and wide-swept illnesses are most common among human-dominated cities and towns. Their bodies are not hardy enough to as easily tolerate wounds that some of the older races of Terra might be able to.

Important Writings

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