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The docks of Estvale lined with tall, narrow buildings. A large stone wall rises up in the distance.

The city of Meerdistrin is jagged and unwelcoming, carved into the dark caverns.

Confusing tunnels, dark caves, and dim dank camps make up what is called Meerdistrin. Populated by the Dark Elves, Darklings, and some Orks peppered in by some other races would make it quite the sight to see. Entirely underground, this massive city is completely in the dark and is lit by fires.

If you live here you either have chosen to or have found yourself in the shadows and are unable to get out. This is the case with most of the Dark Elves, forever cursed as the creation opposite Elves. While few choose to sneak up to the top, others have made it their goal to stay and serve their Mother.

Much like the city of Montset, one would be a fool to wander these tunnels uninvited.



Meerdistrin has carved its way in the dark tunnels deep within the caves of Terra on the same continent as Estvale. No light reaches this city. Without the sky, there is not much weather to speak of. The dark and twisting caves seem to ignore the weather outside and maintain a similar temperature year-round.


Meerdistrin is comprised of its residents and the occasional slaves. Dark Elves maintain a majority in this city, but Darkling and Orks are not an uncommon sight. Humans are a rare sight outside of the slaves, but those with dark enough desires would surely be welcomed into the shadows.


A counsel of Priestesses and Warlords keep the tunnels of Meerdistrin on track. Many of whom are corrupt and power-hungry - they take their devout passion for Barlow seriously. They have made it their life goal to not only survive but thrive. Their leader is Mother Superior, the strongest among the Dark Elves. It is said that Barlow himself whispers orders in her ear. None have dared to question it as they all wish the same thing- to see the Sun, to thrive, and take what is rightfully theirs.


Barlow represents those who lurk in these tunnels. He is believed to be the savior that can lead them from the shadows of ruin to the light where they can take their rightful place and rule. Whether the residents of these tunnels have fallen to the shadows or willingly found their way there, the ways of Barlow speak to them all.


It is said Meerdistrin rose with the Dark Elves. As they were not welcome in Aralkor's light, they quickly found home among Barlow's shadows in the deepest caverns. Perhaps at one time there were many settlements among the caves of Terra, but today this city is all that remains. Only the strongest survive, after all. Perhaps it was Mother Superior's strength and connection to Barlow that brought prosperity to the city and allowed their foothold in the caves to stick despite the many hostile creatures and dangers lurking in the shadows. No recorded history remains as the Dark Elves only look forward, shrinking away from their despised past cast away from the light. One can only guess at the history of this shadow city.