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The young woman is of a small, delicate frame. It is clear she has lived a life without hard labor - looking more fragile than anything else.

One may be first drawn to her icy blue eyes, alarmingly bright against her brown hair. The long hair, almost fluffy in its volume, falls in gentle waves around her face. It is occasionally pinned in whatever haphazard manner she could manage that day.

A stern look is not unfamiliar to her features, perhaps something acquired as her time as a merchant. Those that get on her good can side see how warm and kind her expression truly can be - the other side of the coin as a healer.

Her voice is soft and gentle, even when delivering a scolding it sounds no more than exasperated. Her posture and gait strike a balance between confident and nonthreatening - part of the welcoming and friendly air of this local healer.

Her attire generally consists of quality garments. While she does not adorn herself in particularly flashy options, the material is usually of considerable quality and fine stitching. Blues and whites seem to dominate her large wardrobe in the form of many skirts and blouses. A book is typically belted at her side. Most recently gloves have made their way as an everyday accessory to cover the damage to her hands from her latest hobby - woodworking.


The Saurine family has long had roots in Estvale. They made their mark importing goods from all over. As a result of their success, Mirielle had a comfortable upbringing. With two older brothers the family business was in good hands and left her the freedom to explore other options. Although she could never quite place when her interest in the healing arts began, her mother swore it was the year when a sickness swept through the city. They said the guards - who slept in close quarters - never quite recovered from the high fatalities that year. Mirielle eventually left Estvale with a healer's caravan to study under a doctor. Her travels took her to many cities and villages where she would write back to her family about things of interest to import. Despite her best efforts to break from the family business, it was still a quiet passion on the road - and it would not be long before she opened a shopfront upon her return to Estvale. The income allowed her to focus her efforts on supporting the city and the newly founded militia.



Born and raised in Estvale, Mirielle remains loyal to the city. A dock-front property there doubles as her place of residence and her shopfront for Saurine Imports & Fine Goods. She specializes in crafting and importing cloth and leathers goods as well as furnishings. From time to time she sells tinkered goods and foods.


Mirielle is a member of the Estvale Militia, providing her support as both a business owner and cleric.

Although not an official member of the church, she is a follower of Saint Veeda. She refers to herself as a healer.


Mirielle is friendly to most, but there are not many people she is particularly close to.

Beatrice Vanelis has worked with the Saurine family for as long as Mirielle can remember. Although the Captain's energy can be a bit much for her at times, Mirielle still holds a strong fondness for her like one would an older sister.

Ciresaarth is known to have been one of her oldest acquaintances since their meeting in Blacksands. Although her behavior at times can be cause for concern, Mirielle still feels an attachment for someone she attributes to having helped her when she was struggling. She is rather convinced any questionable behavior is due to some outside force.

Rafe Ward is perhaps the closest person to Mirielle. She started as his 'translator' while investigating the Estvale crypts on orders of the Governor. Until he regained the ability to talk, she would frequently hold onto his communication device and speak on his behalf. Being one of the few people she could relax and joke around, her affections grew over time and she is known to be rather sweet on him.

Polemics has frequently referred to Mirielle as his oldest friend. She holds onto guilt over the inability to assist his fractured mind when asked for help, which may contribute to her continued desire to support his endeavors however odd she finds them. He is a reminder of her own failings and she is frequently concerned over what he might be getting mixed up in.