The fortress-like city of Montset stands proud in the snowy mountains.

Strong and vast, the city of Montset is set in the mountains on the second continent of Terra. Surrounded by rock it is built to last and to protect. It is said that nothing can get within the walls of Montset unless it is invited or needed.

Their military is strong while their ironwork is that which cannot compare to any other culture. It is because of this that Montset becomes the home fo the extraordinarily devout and strong-willed.

Everyone who lives here works for the mountain which in turn is for the people. No one is to step out of line as everyone follows the master plan that has been set by the Council. Justice has a hard hand up in these mountains and one would be a fool to challenge it.



Montset is perhaps the most harsh and unforgiving of cities in its frigid climate. Inside the walls of the city they have found ways to cope with the cold, but travelers best be bundled up before making the trip.


Strongly populated by Dwarves, this city stands proud which can often be mistaken for stubbornness. Set in their ways, the Montsetians that live here are much like the place they live - cold and unforgiving. Although it is said they know how to celebrate it is rarely seen because they are always working on improvements. Devout followers of Aralkor frequently make their way to this city where her most grand temple can be found.


The city is ruled by a Council primarily of Dwarves. They work closely with the highest ranking Priestesses of Aralkor to guide the city to continued greatness.


Aralkor's light can be felt in nearly every corner of this grand city. She brings warmth to the otherwise cold region. Aralkor and the city are nearly one and the same as the power and influence of the Priestesses are strong. It is extremely abnormal to be a resident of the city and not follow Aralkor - potentially earning a poor reputation and lackluster treatment from others.


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