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Amil the Great Mother looks after all on Terra. She creates and maintains the balance in Nature to protect everything that All Bringer has given to Amil to guard and keep safe.

Mother Amil is very protective of her children. Because of this her children protect her as well as anyone else under her canopy. Her Children are the voices of the forest, the protectors of Nature. They will bring wrath and punishment to any who threaten the delicate balance of Terra and its forests, rivers, or mountains.

It was She who created the Treekin said to be made out of pieces of Her very own heart. Although they may seem "newer" their ages are genuinely unknown for it is scarce to see a Treekin away from the delicate forests of Nique Taure. With the world waking up however more and more of this unique race have said to make appearances.

To show respect to Amil is to show passion for all that she brings while her children are said to be the ones who live with Nature or very close to it. They strive to keep the balance and sometimes see more prominent, more modern cities as hurtful to the delicate environment. Everything is to happen for a reason and anything out of place could upset The Great Mother and her Kin.


Mother Amil takes on many different appearances in literature and art. She may resemble a Treekin in the way she is covered in elements of nature, but which elements vary from artist to artist. Some say her hair is a flowing waterfall, others a tangle of vines blooming gloriously. Her skin may be the bark of a tree, soft moss of the forest, pebbled sand of a riverbank, or anything in between. Those who stare hard enough into the forest may see her likeness anywhere, for it was all created in Her image.


An open stone structure with columns out in the woods. Trees are growing in and around it.

A Shrine to Mother Amil.

Place of Worship

The primary place of worship is a shrine of sorts near Nique Taure. It is not common to see churches or temples like that of some other deities, as worshiping Mother Amil is a way of life. Her place near Nique Taure is seen much like a focus of Her to remind all of the nature they protect and serve as a quiet retreat to reconnect.


Followers of Mother Amil are said to be both the most strict and the most relaxed of any of Terra's religions. Mother Amil does not boast a rigid church or temple structure like that of Aralkor in Montset, but following Mother Amil is truly a lifestyle and not a half-hearted moral compass. Their whole way of life is shaped by nature and guided by the need to preserve and protect it. While a follower may not have schooling and a traditional journey through priesthood, Her trials never end. The community and nature are the teachers, and Mother Amil followers forever the student.