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Necromancers walk a fine line between life and death. Restoring a semblance of life to the discarded husks of flesh and bone, the Necromancer doesn't walk the fine line between life and death so much as rape and manipulate it. They depend on a deep knowledge of anatomy and the dark powers to fuel their creations.


Alchemy Science

This Feat will grant the character knowledge of the Art of Alchemy and its uses. Upon learning this Feat, the character will receive 30 skill points in Alchemy and gain the character's proper Alchemy equipment.

Arcane Enchantment

The powers of the Arcane can be harnessed if the Mage is skilled enough and well-versed in the proper Lore. This Feat will grant access to the Magecraft system. As the Mage becomes more skilled in creating enchantments, the types of items the Mage can enchant will increase.


During your years of research, you have learned to master the pen and quill, among other things. Because of this aptness, you can use your skills to work on other aspects. This Feat grants you access to the Inscription system. When this Feat is first learned, the Mage receives 30 skill points in the Inscription skill and a Scribe's Kit.

Rebuke Undead

Through the character, the deity manifests a portion of its power, taking control of undead creatures. However, since the power must be channelled through a mortal vessel, success is not always assured. No action can be taken while the character is attempting to rebuke undead. A lower skill levels, the character can control certain forms of undead. As the skill progresses, the types of controlled undead available increases.

Summon Undead

You have learned how to create a strong link between the material plane and the netherworld. This allows you to summon undead minions to serve you.

Advanced Necromancy

Years of training in the art of Necromancy has granted you the ability to use advanced spells and dark incantations for your sinister purposes.

Undead Bond

Your years spent down in the crypts have made you forge a unique bond with the undead. This allows you to speak through them as well as replenish your energy through their dark life-force. As your strength grows, several forms of undead will consider you as one of their own.


Skills at level 1 (Might vary slightly based on race!)
Skill Starting Cap
Alchemy 20 100
Cooking 10 60 *
Dodge 10 60
Fishing 30 100
Healing 10 60
Magery 30 100
Musicianship 10 100
Necromancy 30 100
Resist Spells 30 100
Stealth 30 100
Fencing 10 60
Mace Fighting 10 60
Tactics 10 60
Camping 30 100
Cartography 30 100
Detect Hidden 10 100
Inscription 30 100
Prayer (Spirit Speak) 30 100
Anatomy 30 100
Evaluate Intelligence 30 100
Item Identification 30 100
Taste Identification 20 80

* - Can be raised through .perks 'Professions'

** - Can be raised through .perks 'Skill Research'

NOTE: Stealth and Hiding are a combined Skill on UOMyth


Spells and Magic


Necromancers have no need for armor that only serves to disturb their grasp on undeath, and as a result, they wear no armor at all.

Necromancers can only use staves and daggers. When one can summon the forces of the dead, one refuses to waste time with trifling mortal tools.

Good deeds do not befit masters of death, and Necromancers cannot gain notoriety/karma.