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Buildings and houses are built up into the treetops of massive trees with bridges connecting the treetop city.

The Treetops of Nique Taure offer a unique way of living among nature.

Together as one up in the thick forests of the massive trunks of ageless yew trees, you will find Nique Taure and its dedicated citizens.

Organized yet organic, they take pride in their ways of life. Their leader speaks for all, yet all can also speak for the leader. Much like Montset, their people have a council; however it differs significantly in their decisions. The balance of nature weighs heavily on the minds of the people of Nique Taure. Because of this they will do anything to see its safety. Their Council consists of ageless family houses with a leading family usually being the oldest and most powerful. There is no one person in this community that would not know one another, and respect is always shown to every member of their city.

Although they may seem strict, Nique Taurians welcome those who wish to learn their ways or trade goods into their home. It would be wise to show respect, for the wrath of Her children to those who disrespect nature and her ways can be catastrophic.



Nique Taure is nestled deep in the woods and up in the treetops of large yew trees. It is the northernmost city in Terra, and is known for its beautiful autumn foliage thanks to its location.


Elves and Treekin who have emerged from the woods call the treetops of Nique Taure home. It is unusual to see other races living among the trees, but not entirely unheard of.


A Council of family houses oversees Nique Taure, with nature and Her balance as its guiding principle. They infrequently get involved in the petty squabbles of the short-lived races unless it brings threat to the balance. The city itself is defended by the The Wardens of Nique Taure.


Some may say Mother Amil and Nique Taure are one and the same. Mother Amil, Mother Nature, is not a religion but the way of life. Everything from the location to the design of the city are built with Her in mind. Their homes up in the trees cause little disturbance to wildlife passing below, and allow them to live and work in harmony with the forest. Although a shrine of sorts to Mother Amil can be found on the outskirts of the treetop city, it is seen more as a focus of nature than a place of worship - for worshiping Mother Amil is done everywhere and at all times in the way one carries out their life.


Nique Taure may be one of the oldest cities, but its unique architecture gives it a timeless and beautiful style. You will not find a style quite like it outside of this treetop city. The Treekin were content to live in the forests as they always had, but the Elves founded the treetop city as a way to live in harmony with the forests with minimal disruption to the wildlife below. It is said the first structure was the shrine to Mother Amil. They found a place deep in the woods with a strong connection to Her and founded the city around it to always stay connected to Her way of life. The bridges and walkways connecting all the buildings truly emphasize this community living among its people.


Housing in Nique Taure is strictly controlled by Nique Taure's council due to the elves emphasis on a cooperative community. There is an Inn in town where outsiders are allowed to stay, but generally speaking unless there were extremely rare circumstances involved the Council would almost certainly forbid anyone that wasn't an Elf or Treekin from holding a home or shop in Nique Taure.

Application Process (OOC)

To apply for a house in Nique Taure, at least until players are seated on the Council through roleplay, please contact:

The Nickel Knight



In Discord to apply for a home/shop in Nique Taure.