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Just under six feet Oliver Grayson shows the signs of late middle age. A black oily hair reaches his shoulders and frames a high forehead and pale face with blue eyes. A small burn scar notes the corner of his forehead. He has bad posture and walks with a limp. Oliver looks as if to be carrying a host of maladies unseen though built of solid and wiry stock. 


Hailing from the frozen regions east of Black Sands, Oliver Grayson has recently traveled west to perform Unending Deeds for The Quest. He serves as the Medium for the Echo Council and is currently searching for a champion. Life in the frozen lands is difficult, survival was made through infernal contracts with Shadow Walkers.


Oliver claims to work for a set of beings he calls The Barons of Twilight (sometimes The Barons of Dawn). He states these are members of Barlow's Shadow Pantheon (hierarchy) and in exchange for protections he offers his services. The chief most goal is to hunt and destroy the Corrupted Bloods, beings who have made a contract with the Barons, received their blessings, and did not fulfill their oaths of service.

Other Notes

Oliver makes a living through healing services and a small side business of reading palms and fortune telling. He is a familiar practitioner of occult sciences. He will actively try to diagnose and treat disorders other than physical harm such as Gold Sickness or Mercurial tempers. See also Echo Council and Book of Echoes