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It would be unfair to focus entirely on the dangerous nature of the Ork when describing them. Their culture is one of struggle and overcoming, each adult orc having been put through the crucible of their way of life and having come out on top. They are a physically powerful but ultimately selfish people, often distrustful even of their own. In the past, those who could muster the loyalty of their peers enough to rise to a commanding position would enjoy an incredible power in the way of a raiding army, but times have begun to change even for the Orks. A younger generation, having grown up with trade relations allowing them peaceful contact with the other races, now struggles to find its place in the large capitals of Estvale and Montset while the older generation struggles to hold on to the noble culture they see diminishing.

They are a violent people, but as many are learning, violence is not their first choice in most cases. Their chaotic emotions swing wide in showings of pride, joy, and sadness as often as rage. The old Ork culture followed a barter system, and any matter (save the most personal slights) could be settled with an exchange of goods instead of an exchange of blows, something that the other races are coming to turn to everyone's advantage.

The careful adventurer who plies his Orkish allies with the proper gifts or tribute and knows how to deal with them gains a force of chaos and combat that cannot be matched. They excel in matters of physical strength, though in any case where conflict is needed the Ork will find a way to make the situation his.



Most Orks are very, very imposing. They may stand well over seven feet tall, broad and muscled, with dangerous looking fangs and stunted horns that bud as nubs from their forehead.


As the older generations of Orks are not one for polite and idle chatter, it is not really known how long they can live. The more violent generations were much more likely to fall in battle before reaching any remarkable age. Although some may know of those who have seen a natural end, they are not likely to share such weaknesses with curious outsiders.

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