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Character Description

Rail thin, pale and six feet of height. Thinning hair naturally brown but often dyed blonde or white for performances. Polemics uses heavy makeup and changes his demeanor to fit the situation or performance. He often wears a bonnet and cloak but can sometimes be seen in a dark hooded robe of shadows. While traveling you can see him in leathers and a ram's skull helmet.

Variations of appearance

Polemics the Handsome: Blond hair and heavily powdered to mask tired eyes. His smile has your best interest. His words are cool and charming. Polemics the Handsome is prepared to give a performance or to entertain nobility.

Polemics the Celestial: While attending the Mother's Circle Polemics the Celestial wears a white cloak with a char coal moon marked on its back. His voice is a little louder and ceremonial.

Polemics the Estvalen: Normal clothing, typically seen at the bank and saying hello to passers

Polemics the Pale: White painted, wearing the hooded robe of shadows and speaking in a darker pitch. Polemics the Pale rides with Ciresaarth whom he calls the Black Bird.


Act 1

Polemics originally appeared in Black Sands as a goofy and childish comedian with memory problems. Claiming to have eaten a page from the Book of Books and gotten very sick, the original Polemics could not remember names despite being told repeatedly. Act 1 main events include meetinging Mirielle, his oldest friend; winning the first tournament for Admiral's Dice gaining 10,000 Gold and becoming perpetually Gold Sick; searching for Lord Balith's Lumpy Dog Max; creating the Meeting Dance to impress the Blue Bird; and becoming mate to the Lady Girlfriend.

Act 2

Polemics' Symbol of a Moon and Lute Strings

After long bouts of struggling with memory loss and feebleness a Sea Siren cured him of his ills. The second part of Polemic's story relates to pledging to the Black Bird and adventuring around in the world of shadows. Constantly traveling with a Sea Siren and wearing dark robes caused the Lady Girlfriend to break end the relationship. Act 2 main events include many evenings by the sea singing the songs of the siren; pilgrimaging to dark places of Terra; writing books on the dark arts; befriending Na'z the Drow and gaining her as a roommate.

Act 3

Polemics and a party of adventurers help the Red Queen's minions defeat an evil and restore the wretched woman to a beautiful maiden. A church to the Red Queen is promised. In the process Polemics is Marked by the Red Queen. Unable to serve two masters, Polemics wagered his allegiance to a dice roll. The results are unknown and time will tell if he follows the Red Queen openly or if it is another act. Act 3 main events include drawing the Temperance Tarot Card; Participating in Blood Sport for the Red Queen and winning a game of bag ball against the children of Amil; and drawing the Kind of Pentacles Tarot Card.


Dreamscape Lounge

After the Brigand Troubles Polemics became enamored with he idea of helping the orphaned youths and abandoned children of both Estvale and the Bandits attacking its walls. In addition, though less advertised, Polemics is looking to make a common music hall where all may gather regardless of race or religion or back ground.

Contributions to Myth Culture

The Bard chronicles the adventures of others, collects and passes stories and song. Some notable stories and ideas to pass through Polemics:


Lord Balith's Lumpy Dog

The Emperor's Last Message

Moon Journey

Daemon vs. Man


Polemics typically accompanies his performance with he Lute.

Victor's Mining Song

Black Bird Meeting Dance

Cold Dark Night

Wash Away

Of Characters Past


The Meeting Dance


"What do you call a fish with no eye?" : "FSSSSSHHHH"


Polemics has been shown to perform unexplainable feats using songs. Namely the pacification, aggravation and and aggression of enemies. Having witnessed this with two other musicians, Polemics developed the Theory of Tunemancy. The basis is that music is as much magical as any other domain of arcane arts. If a song is played not he correct instrument, at the right pitch and time, and other factors such as the Bard's spiritual candor and concentration... then the target may be pacified to a point of apathy that not even a blade cutting their flesh can break.

Everyone Has a Song

Polemics claims that everyone has a song. Once a person's song is known, the skilled Tunemancer can play it for great good or evil deeds. A person may also try to resist their own song at great harm to themselves. The song can serve as a mirror showing the true self and acting against that can cause a nervous disorder.

Life Tether

While experimenting with the Shadows and looking to commune with creatures not he other side of death, Polemics ran a series of experiments with Mirielle. Going to the edge of death and being returned with Saint Veeda's healing hand each time. While the project was abandoned, Polemics claims to have spoken to otherworldly beings about Life Songs. Mirielle explained the concept of the Tether, a person's link to the physical world which can be pulled or restored to bring back individuals who are on their way to the after life. So long as the weather remains strong and the healer is skilled even the worst wounds can be healed..