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Rangers are unparalleled masters of the wilderness. The rangers roam the reaches of wilderness living off the land without too much trouble.


Hunter Stalks His Prey

Your keen eye for tracking lends you the ability to pick out flaws in your quarry's defences, reducing the effective resistances of the target to your attacks while you're tracking them.


Rangers are explorers and guides of the Realm. Because of this, they have learned how to discern the lay of the land. This Feat grants the ability to learn Cartography and the use of maps. The Ranger receives 30 skill points in Cartography and a map kit. Additional materials can be purchased from scribes.

Animal Companion

This Feat gives the Rangers/Druids the ability to gain an animal companion. Once this Feat is gained, the character must enter the Forest and send out the Call of Bonding. The animal type will be the animal that responds to the character\'s bonding call. As the Feat skill progresses, the higher types of that animal will answer the character\'s call. The death of a companion carries a heavy price.

Animal Husbandry

A keen eye from the creatures of the wild has granted you a greater affinity for raising and training animals in captivity granting additional stable slots to help facilitate this process.

Advanced Tracking

Using a little magic, this feat allows the Ranger to read the biological signs of his target. ( Click on the tracking arrow activate )

Big Game Hunter

The bigger they are, the harder they fall. Specializing in hunting exceptionally powerful monsters has given you an edge in maximizing the damage of your attacks against them. The bigger they are, the harder they'll fall.

Beast Lore

Because you have spent your life in the wilderness, you have developed a natural affinity towards animals and have learned the ways of the creatures called "monsters". This Feat will grant you bonuses to the following skills: Animal Lore skill 45, Animal Taming skill 40, Herding skill 30, and Veterinary skill 45.

Wilderness Lore

Because you have spent your life in the wilderness, you have developed better skills and techniques with surviving in the wilderness. You know how to create a better campsite and have gained some skill in finding food. This Feat grants you bonuses to the following skills: Camping skill 30, Cooking skill 30, and Fishing skill 30.


You have the ability to become a skilled tracker. Because of this ability, you have learned to track your prey using skilled means. As a result, you are able to use those skills in other ways. This Feat grants you bonuses to the following skills: Forensic Evaluation skill 30, and Tracking skill 30.


Skills at level 1 (Might vary slightly based on race!)
Skill Starting Cap
Bowcraft 5 40 *
Cooking 10 60 *
Dodge 10 60
Fishing 30 100
Healing 20 80
Lumberjacking 10 60 **
Magery 30 100
Mining 10 60 **
Resist Spells 30 100
Snooping 30 100
Stealth 30 100
Veterinary 30 100
Aim (Archery) 30 100
Block 20 80
Fencing 10 60
Swordsmanship 30 100
Tactics 30 100
Wrestling 10 60
Animal Taming 30 100
Camping 30 100
Cartography 30 100
Detect Hidden 30 100
Tracking 30 100
Anatomy 20 80 **
Animal Lore 30 100
Forensic Eval 30 100

* - Can be raised through .perks 'Professions'

** - Can be raised through .perks 'Skill Research'

NOTE: Stealth and Hiding are a combined Skill on UOMyth





Arch Cure

Arch Protection

Greater Heal


Rangers travel light and often live off of the land. As a result, Rangers cannot wear armor heavier than chainmail.

While rangers have access to a few divine spells, the mysteries of arcane magic baffle them. They cannot use scrolls or wands.