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Not much is known of Saint Veeda other than he was the Third god to be created. He is the tie between the Sun and the Moon to create balance. This much is known.

He brings forth comfort for it is a fact that Time Heals All. And with time comes age and as we also know with age comes death. This is the cycle that Saint Veeda has created. It is this cycle that must be protected for it is life. Without time we have no life. May His time never end. For if it does- so do we.

No mortal has set eyes on Saint Veeda yet tales and old books portray him as different things for what is needed at that time.

For the young - he is as bright as the Sun. He is the bringer of hope, a handsome young man.

For the bold - he is an old man who has seen many adventures with wise eyes and a sturdy frame.

For the old and the sick he is a dark shroud. Gentle but unforgiving. To see any of these forms is to see almost the God himself, for Veeda comes to only those he chooses and needs.


Saint Veeda may be depicted in many ways along the cycle of life. Most commonly, he is shown as a Grim Reaper-like figure accompanied by an hourglass. The skeleton appearance is popular as it leaves race ambiguous, as time does not discriminate. It is very rare to give a face to Saint Veeda as it seems outside of a clock, no one can agree on the face of time.


A golden church-like structure with large greek columns.

The Church of Saint Veeda in Estvale.

Place of Worship

The primary place of worship is a beautiful church in Estvale. Although simple in its layout of pews, the windows are exquisite stained glass works depicting the many facets of Saint Veeda.


Perhaps it is the nature of Saint Veeda that allows for a variety of followers. Many in Estvale may loosely follow this God as none can escape the passage of time and as a result most can appreciate Him. Even topics such as necromancy can be held in different regards depending on who you ask - a disgusting abuse of the cycle, or an allowable borrowing of time through the use of magic. Devout followers strive to protect the passage and flow of time and the cycle of life.

The church follows a traditional structure of priests and priestesses who study and train to advance the ranks.