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Scoundrels sometimes rely on cunning to part a man from his purse. Scoundrels come in extremely varied feats and forms.



You are a creatures of the shadows. As such, one of the skills you have learned is the ability to approach your target unseen and unheard. By taking them from behind, you are able to strike one of the critical areas of the body and inflict greater damage than normal. As you become more experienced, the damage you can inflict will increase.

Acrobatic Combat

You have honed your reflexes to a state above normal. You're able to dodge ranged attacks, even magical ones. As well as learning to trick your enemies into attempting to block a faked attack, devastating their defences.


The character has learned the ability to use disguises and can use the disguise kit to its fullest extent. The character is also granted a disguise kit to their inventory when choosing this feat. Use a Disguise kit to change your appearance including Name, Gender, Race, Hair/Facial hair Style. Beware talented Detectives who may expose your disguise should they examine you too closely...

Use Magic Device

You have learned to use enchanted items that spellcasters use. The type of item you can use depends on the your skill in this Feat. Some items include: wands, staves, scrolls, as well as other arcane items. But there is a risk, however, just because you can use the item doesn't mean that you know what the item will do when activated. A rogue's life is never easy, especially when it comes to the arcane.


A cool head and a quick wit allows the rogue to understand the finer points of espionage, Eavesdropping at doors to hear what happens inside and deciphered hidden messages left in books and scrolls.

Jack of All Trades

As a traveller of the world, you have become well versed in a variety of skills, Allows the use of Cartography, Forensics, Tracking, Lockpicking, and Trap Removal. Increases the Total Skill Cap to 1200.

Rotten Luck

Misery loves company. Delight in your own misfortune by spreading it to others. Whenever you miss in combat apply a hit-chance debuff onto your target based on how likely it was to hit. Additionally gain 10% of your luck as bonus damage%. Luck now caps at 500.

Dirty Tricks

Every scoundrel knows to always have a backup plan. It helps of course to have a suite of devious dirty tricks in your arsenal in-case that backup falls through, whether that be a dirty fighting move or distraction technique.


A keen attention to detail is a thief's best asset, with this feat a thief is able to look over a corpse that has already been seemingly picked clean to perhaps find some additional unseen treasure.

Cunning Flourish

As the paragons of trickery, the scoundrel is well versed in the various tricks one can accomplish with a weapon, so well versed in fact, that they're capable of storing a weapon ability from one weapon to deploy again on another.


Skills at level 1 (Might vary slightly based on race!)
Skill Strarting Cap
Cooking 10 60 *
Disable Device (Lockpicking) 30 100
Dodge 30 100
Fishing 30 100
Healing 10 60
Lumberjacking 10 60 **
Mining 10 60
Musicianship 10 100
Remove Trap 30 100
Resisting Spells 30 100
Snooping 30 100
Stealing 30 100
Stealth 30 100
Aim (Archery) 20 60
Block 10 60
Fencing 30 100
Swordsmanship 10 60
Tactics 30 100
Wrestling 5 40
Camping 30 100
Detecting Hidden 30 100
Haggling 30 100
Anatomy 20 80 **

* - Can be raised through .perks 'Professions'

** - Can be raised through .perks 'Skill Research'

NOTE: Stealth and Hiding are a combined Skill on UOMyth


Scoundrels can learn to use spells and scrolls if they have the Use Magic Device feat.


Scoundrels rely on their mobility and stealth to get the job done. As a result, they can only wear leather armor to keep their movements swift and quiet.