Sign Language

Sign language and non-verbal communication are important ways to pass information quickly or discreetly. Many forms and variances

Rogue's Dialect

Used by members of the underground, beggars, hustlers, bandits and gypsies the Rogues Dialect (thieves cant, peddlers vernacular) uses hand gestures and other body movements to communicate warnings and intents. While the spoken word of subtle rogues can take four times as long to deliver a message due to its indirectness, the Rogue's sign language is often to the point. The speed of the motion or casualness may serve as modifiers to the message itself. Known examples:

  • Four fingers across the face - I'm acting. This motion is used when one rogue is in the middle of a con job and another rogue enters the scene. To make this motion quickly means to assist if possible. Casually means don't interfere.
  • Two finger flick - Danger. When playing cards, dice and drinking or in a parlay the two finger flick, usually around the chin area as if scratching beard stubble means the situation is about to get violent.
  • Licking lips - Pay attention.
  • Fingers across the lower part of the neck - Easy Target.
  • Hand on the belt area covered by the other hand - Ally.
  • Palms up - Don't know (honestly). Usually done at waist level. This hand motion has been over used to the point of having no meaning.

The target of the intention is usually noted with eye contact. Looking at a party member Jill then looking at the banker and licking your lips for example is says "Jill pay attention to the banker."

Barlow's Shadow Dancing

"Whispers in the dark not screaming in the sun." - Barlow disciple

The followers of Barlow often use shadows to communicate. This can be varied from wearing wide brimmed hats and tilting the head in order to project shadows on the face to wearing a hooded shroud of shadows and masking the entire face. Barlow's followers will often communicate emotions using environmental shadow, choosing ancient temple places and over grown ruins as places for gathering.

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