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Religious Symbols

Religious symbology is attached to the major deities, these symbols can be seen on architectures, clothing, armor and other works of art.


The Sun, Light


The Moon, Shadow

The Moon is a symbol for Barlow. Often depicted in different phases or shadows.

The angular hourglass used by followers of Saint Veeda

Saint Veeda

The Hourglass is central to depictions of Saint Veeda. It is even used by some clerics in a hand gesture to focus their divine energy or as a show of their devotion. The order one draws it is not important and is based on the personal preference of the user, it is said that the way a person draws it speaks a lot about them and their story.

Rarely seen also is a Sun and Moon, sometimes in eclipse signifying the balance Saint Veeda brings.

Mother Amil

No specific symbols though nature, a circle of stones and the cardinal directions have significance to the Amil symbology. The Moon is also a source of symbology for the followers of Amil. See Moon Ritual.


No specific symbols though dice, coins, and chaotic thorn like images are known to be used by Tsern followers. The color red is strongly associated with Her.

Other Symbols


A t-shape with a loop on top, the Ankh or hoop and cross is the symbol of the healers.


A five pointed star within a circle, typically seen in demonology and undead, the pentagram is found in several dungeons of Terra.