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A stone building with water flowing from the third floor. It is covered in plants, vines, and flowers.

The Garden Tower - Warden Fort

History of the Wardens:

Herein begins the tale of Anlyth Fentoris. The First Warden.

Anlyth became the first warden when she was tried and found guilty by Nique Taure's Council for the crime of Fratricide. In truth Anlyth slew her brother Alamar in self defense after he attacked her. Alamar was to be appointed to a seat on the council, but Anlyth discovered that he was consorting with the the precursors to the Dark Elves. during this unfortunate age of strife amongst the Elves. While the origins of the Dark Elves are another tale, Alamar became enraged at being discovered. A battle ensued, and he later died from his wounds. Anlyth's fierce loyalty to her people, and their memory of her brother meant that Anlyth would not reveal the truth behind the killing of Alamar. In this era the lands beyond our realm were savage and wild. She was instead banished to this very tower, then a decrepit fort. Despite their charges against her she began defending their borders from raiders and other savage creatures who crept too close to Nique Taure. As the Age of Strife worsened other exiles began to join Anlyth in exile. Over time, as they continued to patrol the borders the Council eventually allowed them to begin policing the rising problems within Nique Taure. They became known as the Wardens.

As the decades passed the Wardens began to notice a structure rising in the distance. They set out from their borders after notifying the Council and when they crossed the river they encountered a stoic and hearty people adept at stonecraft working alongside a more civilized group of the same savages notorious for attacking Nique Taure's borders. They were the ancestors of the modern Humans, and Dwarves. This place that they were building was meant to to be a place of learning and knowledge. The humans, they discovered, had a vast and never ending curiosity. Though seen as somewhat aggressive in the speed and which they undertook their tasks they were clearly capable. The Council of Nique Taure agreed to meet with their leader Kalen Eld. Desperate to end the strife in their own society we Elves agreed to send some of the Elves who felt differently than others, with their independent nature, to advise the humans in their pursuits. For a time, all was well and some of the conflict which rocked Nique Taure began to fade. Some of the Wardens who had gone along with our kin to protect them during their stay at the Enclave soon discovered a nefarious plot was afoot. That Kalen Eld had not been truthful about her intentions with the Enclave. The power she sought was for the likes of the gods, and what she sought to wield was the power of Barlow himself. Anlyth lead an attack on the Enclave alongside the Dwarves and Humans, but they arrived too late.

In the aftermath of the Great Calamity the Enclave would be razed and fall into ruin. The Dwarves who were furious at the humans for their betrayal returned to their citadel in Montset effectively cutting ties with the fledging town of Estvale, and humanity for a long period of time. Aralkor, their patron deity, oldest and first among the gods had sought to smite the humans and elves who had dared to tread in the realm of the divine. However, when she came to see the pain it would cause The Mother she stayed her hand and instead afflicted these elves with an extreme sensitivity to light. Barlow, whose attempts to reach Amil's children had been thwarted by their purity was finally able to take root in the hearts of Elves as he had in Humanity. From this ritual gone wrong the first Darklings emerged. Kalen Eld had ultimately succeeded. They had attained power beyond what humanity could previously achieve, and Barlow was able to commune with Those Who Had Words. As the ritual had twisted humanity so too did it twist the Elves. These Elves did not lament their fate, but instead recognized this new age for what it was. Unable to bear the wrath of Aralkor's sun they battled Kalen Eld's followers in the depths of the Enclave even as she lived on inside it's bowels. These Elves became known as the Dark Elves. To restore the balance Amil is said to have gifted Anlyth, and the Dark Elf warrior Escae Izron with a vision of a vast cavern beneath the earth as Barlow had struck a blow above, Amil would ensure a blow would be struck below. Anlyth, with the council's blessing, gathered some of her strongest warriors, and alongside Escae and her Dark Elf the children of Amil current and former set out to strike a blow against Barlow for what Kalen had done. Beneath the surface of Toril the Wardens and their former kin found Meerdistrin, the great cavern, and a fierce battle erupted between Those Without Words and the Wardens and Dark Elves. So great was their number, and so numerous were their foes that it was some decades before the Council of Nique Taure ever received word of the expeditions success. Just as the Council was preparing to seal the surface a much smaller party of Wardens returned from it's depths. They would tell of the fate of the Dark Elves, and their leader, the battle that took place below, a story of siege and settlement, of struggle and hardship, of pain and loss. Meerdistrin, and the Dark Elves, would survive. Mother Superior Izron had written alongside the return party that Anlyth Fentoris had been killed while Meerdistrin was being fought for. The new Warden Commander, Anlyth's second, was the Elven Warrior Noclir Tas.

Noclir fulfilled Anlyth's last wish for the Wardens. Rather than simply defending their borders Anlyth wisely saw that the Wardens needed the capability to spot and act on threats to Amil's balance before they took a heavy toll on her children, for many Elves were twisted in the great calamity, and for several successive generations life became hard in Nique Taure. The newly founded Seekers began patrolling the realms of Toril and would write of the world they saw as they traveled, of what they heard, and all they knew. In turn Noclir Tas would organize the defense of Nique Taure and regularly inform the Council of what he was told. So the modern wardens came to be where the Seekers safeguard Amil's balance and the Defenders hold vigil along Nique Taure's borders. This, their ancestral fortress in which you stand, was blessed by Amil when Anlyth was laid to rest. We, the Wardens, will see that her story and our story remain here to be told

Becoming/Starting a Warden Character:

Amil gifted her children with exceptionally long life, but to maintain the balance they typically produce few children. Elven families while long-lived and spanning many generations do not enjoy the same numbers as the other races. Thus, the Elves do not support the idea of putting their people to death. All still have a purpose. The highest punishment an Elf can face is banishment. If they are repentant and still hold Nique Taure in their heart of hearts, they can choose to serve in the Wardens.

The Wardens are still allowed to interact with Elven society. They can raise a family, and at times during the seasons enter the city so that they may take part in the society they are ultimately charged to protect. If they have a family, before or after they are sentenced, their family does not share in their fate, but they are given the choice to also serve if they wish to.

The Wardens themselves become something of extended family for each member of their ranks. They have a singular goal of defending Nique Taure from all threats both within and without. They are free to act on their own will, but when needed their actions are directed exclusively by Nique Taure’s ruling council.


Warden Defenders protect Nique Taure’s borders. Defenders are very rarely seen outside of Elven lands, but they tend to keep to its furthest reaches and borders. They also serve as Nique Taure’s jailors. Those convicted under Nique Taure’s laws are held in confinement by the Defenders, and their final duty involves assessing someone’s worthiness for Warden service.


Warden Seekers wander the realm in search of wayward Elves and for signs that Amil’s sites have been attacked, defaced, or are under threat. If you encounter a Warden moving throughout the world it is quite likely they are a Seeker. They can be called home to escort elven pilgrimages, or caravans, throughout Terra. They keep their ruling council apprised of on-goings outside their home.

Relationship with Nique Taure:

Elves born in Nique Taure would not necessarily have disdain for those who serve in the Wardens, as their service is seen as repentance or in some cases redemption. Their service, however, is not romanticized. They are still regarded as criminals even if they are repentant for their crimes.

Wardens are usually the most open-minded elves you will encounter. Given their long lives, youthfulness even as they age, many have seen a great deal of the world. They are especially resourceful and known for their skill in whatever pursuits they have had to undertake to maintain their survival.

Notable Wardens:

Anlyth Fentoris (deceased)

Noclir Tas (deceased)

Thero Alaryn - Current Warden Commander