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Combative Tournaments

First Combative Tournament by Saurine Imports & Fine Goods

Located in the Arena west of Blacksands Mirielle Saurine of Saurine Fine Imports & Fine Goods of Estvale hosted two sessions of combative tournaments. It included one versus one and two versus two events.

The first session participants included Furio, Polemics, and Virgle. Furio won handily followed by Virgle and Polemics. The second session saw the return of Furio and Polemics and added Marduk Lorethian, Huon Ter and assistant host and spectator Veldrin. Marduk and Furio bested team Polemics and Huon before Furio went on to win single elimination one against one.

The Elf Archer Arqowynn arrived late and fought several scrimmage matches against Polemics and Furio winning and losing equally.

For certain though, none bested Furio even once this day. Mirielle's prizes included a special merchants ticket from Blacksands,several piles of gold, and a curious artifact of Tsern showcased to the participants during the awards ceremony.