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A green skinned woman with bark like a tree. She has plants and flowers growing over her.

Example of a female Treekin

Perhaps the strangest of the races of nature is the Treekin. Though older than all the other races of Terra, they are so hermetic that few of the free races ever see them. This air of mystery and the fact that they live mostly in legend makes them a terrifying thing to behold in their natural habitat. Treekin are the cause of many monster legends and there is often confusion on what exactly they are. One might think that there is a whole society of plant people and it wouldn’t be entirely incorrect.

Most Treekin live in very small groups and rarely leave their forests. There are tales that each Treekin claims a large, special tree for themselves and lives there though none have ever been found.  Every once in a great while, often in times when a forest is threatened by one encroaching army or a city is venturing too close, the Treekin will re-enter the world.  In battle they represent the cruel, uncaring side of nature and bear down on those who try to take too much from their lands.

Those Treekin who take it upon themselves to leave their forests make stalwart and sturdy members of any party. Though they are not often of the outside world, one would do best not to think of them as frail or naive. Most Treekin are thousands of years old and those who are willing to stand on a battlefield have done so again and again as empires rise and fall.



At their root, Treekin are humanoid tree-like beings. Where they grow up would vastly change what they look like, making them one of the most diverse looking races of Terra. Their bark can differ greatly in color and they may be covered in mushroom, moss, flowers, or leaves.


Treekin were the first on Terra and they may well be the last with their incredibly long lifespans up to 900 years. While their exact age may not be known, they may rattle off a general number for the curious younger races they interact with.

Illness and Wounds

Sickness and pests are known to Treekin, although their difficulties are more in line with that of plants than people. Molds and blights may plague them and pests may eat at their features and damage them.

Wounds show themselves in different ways than most of the other races. They are more organic matter and as a result open wounds do not traditionally bleed but show thicker, darker green liquid much like sap. Stitches and other treatments other races are accustomed to are not likely to work on Treekin. Wounds close faster than other races on Terra as a constantly growing being whose vines, grass, or other coverings work to close wounds like a plant seeking light. Lost limbs or digits can be regrown, but the process is very slow and the regrowth may not be the same.

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